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Tariq Shahzad (Program Manager) Pakistan

Tariq Shahzad is a young and progressive political activist who has been working for the oppressed and marginalized classes of the society for the past sixteen years and has acted as an agent of change in various capacities. He was active in the left wing of youth organization, "Young Fighters" which aimed to address youth’s problems.
He is a founding member of Labor Party of Pakistan (LPP), which was set up in 1997 and was the youngest member elected to its National Organization Committee in 1999 and then was given the responsibility of editing LPP’s Weekly, "Mazdoor Jeddojuhd". He took the responsibility to build the youth wing of the party, which later formed the Progressive Youth Front in 2002. He started "Mazdoor Carvan" a monthly paper in 2004, with some likeminded friends. In 2005 he played a crucial role in organizing a national congress and was unanimously elected the first general secretary.

 Throughout his political career he has worked as a full time revolutionary and played an active role in all progressive and civil rights movements from 1997 till present, especially to repeal the Hudood Ordinance, minority, women, youth and worker’s rights.

 He was also active in Allince for Democracy (ARD). He played an active role in Anjuman Muzareen Pujab’s movement for political education of their leadership and tried to mobilize support for their rights of land ownership in trade unions and progressive political groups and parties.

 He has written large number of articles, documents, leaflets and handbills on socio-political, economic, philosophical and international issues.





Mohammad Razzaq (Computer operator) Pakistan

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